1/25/06 - More picture up, including gerbils. Vericon this weekend, hopefully this will make lots of nice pictures... and good times and fun!

11/27/05 - Back from trip to NYC, have pictures of my gerbils around! The biochemistry lecture recording page should be back in action soon, as advanced biochem should be ending soon. Which means we have another presentation to make, yikes.

10/9/05 - Put up more pictures, including update on my apartment and plants. I think I'm the only one who cares to watch my plants grow, but they really do make me happy so I thought I'd share. You can watch the pepper plants go from pots full of seeds to adult plants with peppers on them! I'm a farmer! Wheeee!

6/20/05 - Put up some more pictures. I've been doing this regularly, every time something happens that is photo-worthy. I'm thrilled that my host is giving us 20MB more every month... this might actually keep up somewhat with my useage of it... especially since it is retrospective.

5/15/05 - Thinking... I'd like to put more texty type stuff online. I've an idea to write about Archpoet a little, and to put up my recipes so I don't have to go FTPing into my computer when I want to bake cookies at someone's house.

5/14/05 - Put up pics from tonight. Thought that the text that was previously on the homepage should go here instead. So here it is. Whee. I actually have some free time/inclination, so I think I'm going to update/add things. I really feel like this site isn't interactive enough, but I'm not sure how to make it moreso in a simple and fun way. I think that LJ is a great medium for comments and I don't want to turn this site into my blog or anything. Forums are fun, but based on my previous personal forums, well, they didn't get much use. It would be very cool to make a picture wiki, so people could caption and stuff, but that's Effort. And I don't think I have time to do that.

I have a lot of pictures from a lot of places that I want to share, but many of them are not digital and will take some miraculous amount of free time or technology or motivation to get done. The obvious solution to this problem is to go traveling with my digital camera!

Goal #1: Get pictures of cons online so I can share them and make a post about this site on LJ.

Goal #2: Get pictures of friends that I've taken since July up here too.

Goal #3: Get pictures of my artwork online.

Goal #4: Get travel pictures online. This involves a lot of scanning and such and might be a while.

Goal #5: Get pictures from college online. Scanning, blarg.

Goal #6: Get pictures from high school up.

Goal #7: Get a nifty update script for the news page

Goal #8: A forum or a comment page? I wonder if I can put a wiki up here. =P

Goal #9: Make the navigation bar preetty, involving unique artwork and clickypictures. You are groaning, I know, but but but PRETTY! Pretty colors! Please notice the restraint I have used so far! No huge images! No scripts! No flashing text!

4/9/05 - I've put a few more pictures up since the last update and didn't say anything here about it. Today I put up Dayle party pics and some pretty Boston pics. Sailing really is one of the nicest things about Boston!

3/5/05 - Working more on the metalwork photos. Got em all up, I think, and some text about them. I can't remember the years that I made them, seems like such a long time ago. I really need to get back into that... especially now that I have very severe artistic itchies. Writing code for this site just isn't satisfying like painting or potting or metalworking is. Man, I wish I had a studio, it would be awesome to make some pots now. If I had space... and ventilation... and infinite time and electricity. Still sad that we threw out our kiln. I'll probably post on LJ and on forums sometime soon about the site... just want to get a bit more stuff up so that there's nice things for people to explore when they get here.

3/3/05 - Update the first. Made of the plan, and of the bare-bones navigation bar. Links page too. The pictures are my priority now, they're why I finally bought hosting. This site will mostly be about sharing my pictures, memories, and maybe a bit of my creativity.